Wheelchair Staredown

I really don't have a problem with public restrooms. If I gotta do my biz I do my biz. I don't have time to lay out individual pieces of toliet paper to cover the seat before I sit.

One preference I have though is the handicapp stall. Its used left often, has more space, and usually its own sink. So I'm at the mall this past weekend when I get the urge to go. So I locate the busy bathroom and see my handicapp refuge. I'm in there doing my biz when I hear a wheelchair rolling in. Now there are other stalls avaible..almost all of them actually. But I had to pick the one only the crippled guy can use. He notices someone is in the stall and waits. I'm bugging cause I think I'm doin something wrong. Am I?

A few mins pass, and I'm done. I wash up and proceed the open door. When I hit his wheelchair with it! He's looking mighty bothered. He knows I know what's up.

All the times man, this has never happened to me. Now I'm thinking what the hell to do for now on when nature calls.


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