Pharoahe Monch, Drunk Girlfriends and a Pissed Off Protoman..

Here's a story from the vault about 2 years ago. My girl, our friend (girl) and myself head to downtown for some drinking and fun. The same night we went P. Monch was doing a show with some other heads..I can't remember but I heard it was a dope show. We didn't go to the show for some reason (like many Hip Hop shows thrown at Revolution--another story) but we hung out outside with a gang of stragglers like ourselves waiting to say whats up to everyone who would be heading out after the show. Time passes, conversation's occur and the P. Monch comes out to building to say what's up and take pictures. Our friend (girl) at that moment had an instant crush. She was in awe of the sight of him. She noticed alot of other girls around him and didn't want to pass of as a typical groupie and be tossed aside. I saw her struggle with-in and offered a hint. I said, ''If you want him to talk to you, just say you been a fan of his since Organized Konfusion''. Jokingly. Of course my friend has no idea that was the group he was in before Rawkus fame..but guess what. She walked right over to him and said it. For the next 8 ours they were inseparable. My girlfriend migrates over to the conversation while I chill back looking for a jump off for a cypher (usually happens after shows). So I found one, I'm doing my thing with a few other cats when I notice P. Monch, his entourage, my girlfriend, and our friend walking by. P stops for a minute to hear whats poppin' in the cypher then continues. I'm warmed up and keep spitting, thinking ''I'll just catch up with them later.'' Never happened. Turns out P gets VIP at Chyna White. A dope club right down the street. He drops a few bills on Grey Goose bottles and gets my girl and our friend wasted. The cypher's done. I'm like lets bounce. Try to call my girl's died in mid conversation. Call our friend, she left the phone in the car. I'm mad and feel left out, haha. So I go home, fuck it. Hours upon hours later someone comes and opens my door. It's my girl..hammered. I am infuriated thinking whatever, go to sleep..we'll talk about it in the morning. I didn't go back to sleep that early morning. Now I really can't say the rest of the story. Let's just say, Proto ended up driving around town to find a car, that was parked at a vaguely remembered location, that became undriveable since the person driving it....well... P. Monch is a good guy though. He did nothing he wasn't suppose to and went back to his hotel alone that night. Nothing more than a few drinks with some pretty girls at a after hours spot.

Funny thing is, every time he comes down for a show now I pressure our friend to get some tickets and chill backstage. Shit it's only right, it's because of me he took interest!! aha. And to kick even the whole ditching Protoman to go drink Grey Goose. hah.Well, I ended up finally meeting P and actually got to chill and talk shit back at his hotel the next time he came give him some music. The whole point of this story really is to remind my certain friend that Rock the Bells is coming..Monch is playin..What up? :)


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