My Encounter with the Back to the Future Car (pics)!!

So I'm driving to get some breakfast at Denny's this morning when I first pull out of my house and see the fuckin' 1950's Batmobile driving opposite. I'm sleepy and just woke..I thought I was seeing things. The 1950's Batmobile you cannot replicate. Although I'm sure there are many in existence from the long run on the TV show - but still it was a rare sight. Bummed I couldn't bust a u turn to catch up I proceed to drive my normal route and soak in the image I just witnessed. A few miles down the road later, I see something. I see two black honey comb rectangles propped on a low riding car about a 100ft in front of me. Can it be? No way, not after I just saw the Batmobile. Wait, lemme speed up. OMG!! It's a DeLorean. Is it a obsessed fan with a poor attempt to emulate. Damn, this shit looks legit! Wait, He's pulling over. I'm gonna follow him.
I waited in a Target parking lot like a stalker for a few minutes. An older aged white (of course) man and his wife exit the vehicle parked spaces away. Far from any other cars in case of open doors that may knick the flawless stainless steel. He's walking. He has a dope vintage BTTF T shirt on..prolly Hot Topic more likely, but still!!.
I proceed out the car to walk up to it. I'm in amzement. It is so clean. Perfect. It must have been a show car for the movie. One where they have close ups. A fully funtional one with all the toys and details. Enjoy the pics. This will be mine one day, and the Knight Rider car too. All my friends know If I ever had money to spend I buy those two cars before a house with a garage to put them in.


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