Fusik and Me in the Studio Post Thoughts...

So after 5 years of recording in gritty bedrooms, makeshift "labs" converted from garages and cheap-rent-warehouse spots...I recorded in a million dollar studio last night. Were talking Sony Oxford console, Pro Tools HD, Neve preamps, Focusrite Red Compressors. Its official. Now normally I only do Hip Hop. Just vocals over a beat. Not rocket science. Its very cheap and efficient to record vocals now in days. Its the main overlooked reason why the genre is oversaturated with nearly half a million Myspace pages.

Now doing vocals over live instruments is really not different. Your gonna be in a booth seperate from the band, and most likely on a totaly different day after the songs are recorded.

But this was different. I stayed in the room while Fusik did their takes and almost directed. Making sure they now when the the hook is coming..when its ending. It was so much fun to feel something besides the same Hip Hop beat looped in the headphones. This was real.

Were recording 5 songs. We knocked out 3 last night. One more session is for the other 2, then another session for all my vocals (gulp!). Were gonna move something.

This whole project is creation due to SAE. A school that teaches recording to students. Its very hands on for the students. They are doin everything themselves. Its a win win situation for us since we pay nothing and they get credit and an A.

For once living in Miami has helped me get something not every city has! Haha I keed. But stay tuned. Fresh for 08.


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