Is Lesbian a Trend?

..I dunno, maybe it's a miami thing. But so many fly females..well not just looks... It's the personality most of the time as well and oar...good girls overall. I'm not talking about butch, not to many of those I notice. But really really good girls falling victim to simulated veins.

I know more than half swing both ways. Maybe its just a sexual thing. The other half I see dedicated, no dick what so ever.

I really don't get it. Have you been scarred that many times by a man to swear them off forever? Or are you just disgusted by them and see them as one dimensional toys?

I could write a million more paragraphs but really...I just don't get it. Please tell me why are you with a women?

Real shit. Dicypher it for me. Tell me if its just for now. Tell me if it's forever. Tell me why you faking the funk and tell me why you seem for real.


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