New Verse I just Wrote

it's just for a guest spot, I'll post the track up once it's mixed..hopefully

I can't believe when I'm numb
you don't gotta be deep in the slums
to see theres a war going on and to sleep with your gun
see I speak from my tongue, razor flow barb wired
the reason I bleed from my gums
arthur of dark novels
insecure off stage but in the spotlight I'm the harbor of bravadoes
starter of hot auto's
stolen property pays for studio time, not models that pop bottles
live grenades, a synonym for when rhyme is plagued
throat roars like alpha male, held captive, giant apes
culture of post ninety-eight is a violent rape
stand neutral in Air Max's laced in Krylon grape
this game tempts me to barricade it's main entry
hold everyone hostage until, of request, my brains empty
wrote this one on the Tri-Rail, about 8:50
twenty-four hours after an assumed drug addict stole my grey ten speed


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