Bowling is more dangerous than Hip Hop

So for the 99.9% percent of you that don't know, Proto bowls...and he's pretty good. My grandfather and his brother were pro's back in the day so I always was brought up around it but never really got into it on my own untill a year ago. I got a few balls, some shoes, a bag and started to rip shit up. Me and my girl, who can beat my ass on the regular, were hitting the lanes sometimes 3-4 times a week! Bowling is very challenging when start learning about lane conditions, different approaches, how strong of a hook you want, spare balls, and different releases. I was fascinated, because after getting to know these things, and many months of practice, my scores starting getting into the 200's very easy. I'm thinking of now I may really have something here..maybe I can make some money...just maybe...UNTIL...a freak event. One Sunday night in Boca, I only go there because they have a BOMB ass center that's on point, I get a weird feeling in my thumb. A feeling the same to hitting your funny bone.but only it your thumb. Being an idiot, I play it off and keep bowling thinking it's gonna go away on it's own. It doesn' half of my thumb tip (tip closest to my fingers) goes numb. That's when I stop. To make a long story short after doing tons of research on a topic that's little known about, I have a pinched digital nerve in my thumb. Some people's nerve can get pressed between the ball and your grip and overtime cause serious damage. The remedies are first: wearing a protective guard around your thumb so no contact is made. second: if the first step doesn't Well, I didn't wear any protective gaurd, can't and I won't. Thinking the nerve will heal on its own I go to work where I use my hands alot. After a week my thumb is's at the point where if I touch anything with my thumb it your funny bone. The numbness went away but it's still scary. This may be a problem I will face forever..all because of bowling. I probably wont ever bowl again..I was good at it. The only other thing I'm good at is this so called ''rapping''. Guess I'll have to keep doing it :)


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