AirBorne_not just for preventive cold remedies

So last night a good friend and I were knocking back some drinks at his crib watching old VHS tapes of us from like 5 years ago. We were about 16 at the time in the footage, and Protoman at 16 was a madman. While watching these tapes I think I got influenced by watching myself in the past drunk to wanting to become drunk now--in the present. Any way's I get fucked up, the hard stuff..Black Label taste. Now I'm not the type that can't handle liquor but maybe it was the empty stomach or wrong mixing methods but the next morning after crashing I had one of the worst hangovers in my life. Desperate to get rid of it I somehow get out of bed and into the kitchen for some fruit or some shit to get my body going. Came to realize I can't hold shit down. I fucking threw up an apple! A fucking apple I couldn't hold down. Now my mind state is bad. I got the shakes from being weak, can't focus, can't really even think. Until I thought about Airborne, you know the small fizzy pills that dissolve into water. You usually drink these when you want to prevent a cold or trying to get rid of one. It's packed full of vitamins and voodoo to get you better. So I tried it with a glass of water. Held it down. Laid down for about an hour and I couldn't fucking believe how much better I felt. It was night and day. Next time your ass is hungover-mild or sever, give it try. Airborne is going to become the official drinkers best friend.


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