So with my Rawkus 50 album for sale alot of people are asking..

...where are the hard copies?!? CD's and vinyl (believe it not Serato CEO's)?!?

I love the idea of a digital release, and truly feel it can be very successful when marketed right (Rawkus is totally on the right track-and thats why I chose to be apart of this) but still alot of kids don't have credit cards (even bank accounts!) and are in a tough spot right now with me.

The ones that do are still hesitant to cop it. Why you ask?

Because they are true fans. They want the artwork to hang on their wall, they want to read the lyrics along with the songs, they collect music, and they want to connect with you (the artist), via opposite MP3.

At this point I pulled the plug on pressing the album up, myself, hoping all the sales will be generated online and Rawkus can see what numbers I can put up without CD's. Which is super hard, because I do so many shows and kids want to buy your shit afterwards everytime, plus coming from the south, that pop-your-truck-set-up-shop hustle is in my blood.

But, a flyer with the information of websites is going to have to do for all the cats in the flesh.

I'm now realizing, my life is going to possibly see the extinction of CD's. One day music stores will only sell albums as a USB data stick and if your too lazy, a download it is.

But, I'm totally fine with this because it really doesn't matter what media music is listened through. It only matters what the hell is being played.

You know I'm guilty as well, because the same ghetto blaster you kids see me with, rocking instro's in cyphers, is being powered by an iPod while all my dubbed cassette's are at home collecting dust.

They say the future is here, thats dope.

Rawkus 50 is proof.


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