What is wrong with these rappers?

I'm not a promoter. I hate throwing shows. I don't like to deal with people being the fall guy and hearing all the shit from the acts. I don't want to cater to you and tell you when to get on stage...and off. I just want to rap.

Sometimes you try to do a good thing for the scene and give the people what they want. Some of these rappers are fucking diva's and it disgust me. This is the reason I don't even tell people I listen to Hip Hop..let alone do it. The reputation we have is often true.

Money. I understand everyone wants to get paid for their act. I do too. But know what the fuck your worth! There is very very few acts who can get away with a 20 min set with recorded hooks still mixed in the song performing for a crowd who didn't come to see you and still want $500 dollars.

I don't give a fuck if you been doing this for a while and think you've paid your dues. Cause all in all, we're all in the same boat...it don't matter what you had to do to get in the boat..we're all the fucking same right now. Because you had vinyl out and it sold oversees don't mean people know you in Miami.

I deal with alot of acts, groups, rappers..everybody. I never have a problem. Maybe because we're all young and hungry and realize battling don't get you a deal. We look out for each other down here..we all share the same fan base..why not build together to make it better.

As soon as you bring an outsider who already has an ego and thinks he way more worth than he is..there's a problem. Maybe it comes with the grey hair or the bitterness your in your 30's and nobody wants to fuck with you..but don't bring that shit around me.

All is did was try to unite and expose some real Hip Hop for the love of the culture. Don't turn this into a business and act like your the CEO.

To this day some of the shows of gotten a high off of being on stage I would pay for. Some of these acts have being doing it so long..treading water..they don't get the high anymore...they wanna get paid as a subject for the natural drug that no longer has the effect.

If that ever comes, I quit. If it looks like I'm pushing 40 and still rocking 200 capacity venues with nobody there who knows who the fuck I am...complaining how I paid my dues and to give me extra..I quit. Take a hint.

Your a fucking rapper. Something that's not rocket science. I don't give a fuck. Your dispensable and there is always a guy who can spit hotter on the next street with a better attitude and younger.

If you wanna be a dick and think people should worship you..become part of a record label staff. Your picked the wrong job. Or maybe you should just retire.



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