UPDATE!! (I know it’s been a minute)

What up folks? It's been a while since I let you know what the fuck is going on with me. I know alot of people here on myspace hit me up asking about the future..and for a while I didn't know. I been working my ass off full time as a really dope company and as almost 6 months has flown by since I started it just seems like yesterday when I started. These weeks feel like days and it gets to ya. You work to live...but really you don't live at all..just survive. I handled alot of ignored areas with my paychecks and am feeling more complete within this realm of consumers. I think its a bad thing though..anyways. I haven't really recorded shit besides some mixtape stuff and guest appearances. I really went through an identity crises not too long ago and didn't even know if I wanted to still persue music. It hurt alot to think about calling it quits on something you've invested almost a decade on since you were 13. I feel, like alot of other artist, were trying to to hold onto the past. Real Hip Hop culture. Even the underground is starting to sound repetitive. No originality..and I don't exclude myself from this observation.

It's time to invent. Not reinvent. I don't want anything from the past reflecting what I'm doing now. It's time for a new sound. Whatever it is, I'm not gonna label it. If it sounds like Hip Hop to you..then good..I guess.

I'm gonna be working on a slew of diff. EP's. All produced by a diff. person with a whole diff. agenda.

I'm taking time off work starting next week to start working on the first with the reclusive MPC master himself, Palmetto from Secondhand Outfit.

He has a very abstarct and unconventional approach to beat making and it not afraid to over layer sounds. It's truly a challenge to write and record with his style..but if executed correctly, it's something totally original and mind provoking.

Another is with the man behind the beat of ''Wake Up'' that goes by the name Final. The video and approach to the beat for it has sparked alot of chemistry between us. Even though this cat lives in Norway, we will knock out some classic tracks like were vibing in the same spot. It's gonna more uptempo, catchy, bump in your whip on a friday night on a way to a party sound. Def. something fun.

The others..well..I can't give up all the details just yet.

My run with Rawkus seems to be coming to an end. They have helped alot with the Rawkus 50 campaign. Got me tons pf publicity and were the funders behind the ''Wake Up'' video. My LP Grey Area is being pushed still online, but it's hard to get noticed among some of the talented acts in the 50 as well. I thought the way things were looking and all the attention I was receiving that they may offer a contract, but I don't see it coming. Rawkus is a great company with an even greater A&R. I wish them all the luck to find a place in a soon fore coming post-CD era. Labels are gambling right now. It's harder to ever get signed because it's such a huge risk.

Since the LP dropped there has been alot of interest shown from some indies towards my music, but none of them I can feel benefit from. I'm hoping with these diverse EP's coming to drop I'll catch the ear of a org. I have my eye on.

All in all, It's back to the drawing board. I'm going to the lab to hopefully conclude on an experiment I been subdued in for o so long. They say it's not the destination but the trip along the way you should cherish the most. I know I still have a long, dark, bumpy raod in front of me. But preperation is half the battle. The training. See you in the battle field.




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