So for you who don't know, I live in Fort Lauderdale. I been here for way too long and really don't know if people outside of Florida know where its at or even what some of the landmarks are. Its a small compact city near the beach. Were a lil north of our sister city, Miami. Growing up here as a since pre double digits you learn one thing....

Everybody is different. Many cultures. Many religions and sexual orientations. You live with it and respect it.

Fort Laud is next to one of the biggest gay communities in America, Wilton Manors. Wilton Manors use to a really bad part of town until it was cleaned up by hundreds of low rent apartments either bulldozed, or converted, to luxury condos and town houses.

Anyways, my point is that they are gay men and women everywhere you turn. If you a bigot or racist, this is not a place you wanna live at.

A couple nights ago I'm at the late night bowling spot. This place is so old and grimy its fresh. Manor Lanes they call it. I go there at least once a week late night when the prices are good and the freaks are out. This night happens to be a post drag queen shows (cast members) after party. Cheerfully, they hold the heaviest balls in their whole life taking up 4 consecutive lanes just down from mine.

Most of the time I have a few friends with me drinking and chillin. One of my boys gets an idea in this small intimate pre 80s built 20 lane hole in the wall bowling alleys equipped with a futuristic million song jukebox attractant to play a song.

Eminems "Criminal". Now the jukebox is already occupied by 70's Bee Geez and dancing queen anthems played by the drag queens themselves. My homie puts in mad money to jump in line, ahead, of their play-list and puts "criminal" on like three-peat just for fun.

We mosey on back to bowling like were not the evil door's as the song comes in shortly after paying.

We pay no mind and pretend we have no interest in the song. Let me tell you. I totally forgot how nasty that first verse is, " stab you in the head wether your a fag or lez.." I'm like damn. The whole shit is a diss. I'm starting to feel bad as I see the mood change among the 4 lanes of pride. They were really bothered. Trying not to laugh and the song nears its end. A few seconds of silence. Then BAM. " I'M A CRIMINAL". Just when they thought it was over its comes in chiming again..haha.

No pun intended. I just love seeing PEOPLE, don't matter who, offended.


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