I grew up in Fort Lauderdale so i’m pretty much gay

shit is getting serious here. Fort Laud has one of the biggest gay communities next to San Fran. Wilton Manors is a city bordering Fort Laud and is nearly 90% gay. The police force, mayor, small business, clubs, restaurants, name it. All gay.

When I was 10 or 11 years old my father refused to go to dinner with me after 8 o'clock on Las Olas (center upscale heart of fort laud). He refused because he didnt want people getting the wrong idea that I was his sex slave or some crazy shit. Or he was that creepy uncle that had repressed fantasies of his nephew. This place is smut city.

Over the past few years meth has blown up the gay scene here. Alot of broke men who will do anything for a hit. pretty disturbing. HIV is very realistic and we have one of the highest

I never had a problem with homosexuality. Having a gay neighbor, or waiter, party go'or, and (ALWAYS) one of your girlfriends best friends..you live with it. You make it transparent. You live.

I've been hit on a few times. Propositioned. Whatever I take it as a compliment. Big deal. But shit is outta control. I can't even go to my gym anymore without my ipod on ignoring the world. I recently sprained my ankle playing ball and been going into the hot tub for therapy. It's very uncomfortable at times and I find myself completely shutting down eye contact with anybody nearby. I feel like fresh meat with hungry vultures all around circling with starvation among their thirst.

Anyway, now I kind have a feeling now what it's like for women it a room full of straight men. It gets old quick.

I really don't what this blogs about but its funny and honest, how the hell did I end up here? So I tell people I'm from Fort Lauderdale, they say I'm pretty much gay.


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