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Sunday, April 13, 2008

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alright this message goes out to ALL musicians on myspace of any genre that is WASTING there time by promoting themselves on myspace in the wrong way and abusing this wonderful tool we have all been given. i am going to start pasting this into my replies to anyone that this aplies to. anyways here we go


this is the dumbest fucking message you can possibly send to someone, not only is it unprofessional and demanding of a total stranger....its just flat out dumb and desperate. let me elaborate:

The first problem is, stop asking random people to listen to your music its fuckign annoying...u need to be out there making moves so people want to listen to it without you hitting everyone up demanding it. if u do wanna let people kno u have a new track or soemthing THAT IS WHAT BULLETINS ARE FOR ASSHOLE!!!....please....oh please, learn to use them.

next is people tryign to live the fairy tail dream of asking artists you like to listen to your music and maybe theyll put you on or help get u signed or something...NO! they all get millions of messages a year witht hat same "check out my music and let me kno what you think" catch phrase and people dont give a shit its the same crap over and over so really its not getting u anywhere. its just wasting YOUR TIME, in the time it takes to send a "listen to my music and let me kno what you think" message to all of your myspace friends you could be writing new songs, promoting in more effective ways, networking, booking shows, signing up for battles, finding open mics and making real moves that will effect you in the long run.

so why waste all ur time doing somethin that just isnt producing results? get ur priorities straight!

some of you assholes dont even bother typing a message, u open the message and its just a giant flier of your album/show/newsong/whatever. or ull start with soemthing that SOUNDS like its custom like yo "YOURNAMEHERE" i love what ur doin man jus droppin by to SHOW LOVE.....oh and by the way heres a giant flier of my new album go listen to my tracks, add me, add my whole wack ass crew, sign my guets book, demand me to play in japan, do this do that do this do love my ass u fucking spamming fucks!! STOP BEING FAKE. it DOES NOT WORK i promise you that. most of the time i block you,, delete you, and flag you for spam.

my suggestion is that if ur that fuckign desperate to ask people to listen to your music, instead of asking or demanding something....trying puttign together a nice bio or tell people why they should listen to ur music (aside frm it bein hot fire of course!) like maybe u just did a track with an artist they like or uv been in the game 10 years and have toured this area or this area or whatever give us some fuckign incentive here and dont approach people like an asshole be straight up and humble. same applies if yoru trying to hook up to do a song with an artist you like.

this brings us to the next segment:


first off i will never accept any comments with any kind of pictures whatsoever, and even if i did do u really think having a giant picture of ur album on my comments screen is gonna do anything for you?? people are gonna leave me a comment and be like "OH SHIT!! young bullet has a new album out!! featuring the whole click from get money and smoke a bitch records!!!"???? NO DUMBASS! again stop wastign ur time and learn to promote in more effective ways. neeeext:


ok so your 15 years old and have been rapping 6 months, now is NOT the time to be even promoting in the first place! rap for like 5 years get ur craft goin make some songs and moves and start promoting when u drop a project, we all dont need comments, banners, and messages everytime u drop a new battle freestyle u little dipshit go back to school.


same aplies form the hot fire thing, if u wanna sell beats give a damn description of what you do (other than hot fire), how long uv been doin it, who uv made beats for get people excited man...and if ur selling th ehottest beats on myspace for 5$ a piece....just fuck right off please.

and just because i accepted your friend request doesnt mean im joinging ur fucking fanclub asshole. first off i dont even fucking kno you and chances ar ei hate ur music. 2nd....why the fuck do u even have a fan club? arent u that same 15 year old that sbeen rappin 6 months and doesnt even have an album out?? yall need to learn how the game works idiot ur not that important.

and just becaus ei accepted yoru friend request doesnt mean to send me a comment saying thanx for the support?? i just said i dotn even know you what the fuck? u can thank me for support when i tell you im supporting you.

i think that abotu sums it up, ill probly add more later but the point is im not trying to come off as a cocky asshole im trying to speka for the millions of people on myspace that get annoyed with your wack marketing techniques that are wasting everyones time and not working for you. i want to see you better your career...without annoying everyone. so please make a different plan and stop fucking up myspace. peace

- okwerdz


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