Why do I always get in fights with cats slanging CD's?

So today I was in a Orange County shopping plaza. It was a nice one. I thought I was safe. Then as I'm walking from Big Lot's to Petco a man jumps out from behind a pillar and says, "Yo, check out my CD!.'' "FUCK!" I'm thinking. Not this shit again. I literally took back like two steps when he came up. I thought he was trying to rob me at first bum rushing. The first thing I tell him is , "I got no money". He says, "I don't need money. See that Escalade on 23's right there? That's my truck. I don't need money". I tell him, "Then I'm in a hurry.'' He says "why you jumpy man? Looking like you ready to flex?". I'm like, "you fucking popped out and scared me and started shoving your CD in my face!. Why you wasting your time here trying to sell your CD when you got an Escalade? Is this how you make payments??"

Anyways. I defuse it. I was already in a bad mood when he ran up on me. He had some other dude in the truck. I'm not trying to fight really. But man. I really hate looking like I listen to Hip Hop, let alone rap. Everybody everywhere is trying to sell me a CD. And I'm not saying I wouldn't buy a CD. But 95% of artist who sell CDs on the street like that have shitty CDs. You know it's the truth. I thought Florida was bad but LA is waaaay worse. People on every corner. I respect the hustle. But are you a salesman or a rapper? Maybe I'm hating but I just don't like the strangers running up on me trying to outsmart me. Putting nasty headphones on my ears..get the fuck outta my face.

I use to battle cats that way. Your CD's dope? Lets rap. If you win I'll buy your shit. I win. Give me that CD for free.

I'm just gonna dress hipster or emo or hardcore. None of those genres have artist on the corner acting like superstars.

Sorry for hating again but this rap stigma is eating me alive. I either need to throw it up or dilute it with some medicine. I can't stomach it no longer. I'll stop here.


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