So Soundbombing ll turns 10 years old today

Its hard to believe. It was one of the main influences for me to start making songs and really pushing rap. I think I was in 8th grade at this time. I remember bringing the clean version, bought it by accident..couldn't return CDs after you opened them, to class. My teacher was straight as fuck and let us bump it while we did work in the afternoons.

Soundbombing II will remain one of my favorite release s of all time. I was a young kid totally possessed at that point by Hip Hop it was like a religion. I still remember ordering a sweatshirt from the Rawkus website for 45 bux. It took about 2 months to come in the mail. Who would have thought 9 years later Rawkus would be sending me a check, that also took about 2 months to come..., to cut a video.

Times have changed. Underground is gone. Soundbombing ll was a huge above surface tidal wave that took over new ears that was hidden on college stations, vinly, and mixtapes up to that point.

Many artist from that release have used the foundation built from that record to carry on solid careers to this point. There would be no Def Jux without Rawkus and Soundbombing.

Anyways I just want to let you know how time flies and reflect a little on a favorite time of my life. Its been 10 years. I'm ready for the next decade. Hopefully history repeats itself and we can carry on tradition.


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