Sleep is overrated

so for the past month I been living two life's. All the time before that I've only had one...from choice. Now you cats know I ain't no part time emcee. I just don't do this shit on the weekends or when I have free time. This is my life. But shit catches up. Bills cumulative. Credit card interest never decreases. You gotta make money. I been working a day job getting things I've neglected for the past 3 years while still grinding hard as ever. I find my sleep pattern the most strangest. Usually I go to sleep after a night of either A. Promoting a show. B. Being the show or C. Studio. Miami never sleeps. And I guess I have to mimic it's reflection. Hitting the sheets at 4 am (earliest) with a down slope drunkness is average. But waking up at 7:30 every morning to do it all over again isn't. I find myself getting home from the Ant Mill at about 7:00 pm to a decent nap. Maybe about 1 1/2 to 2 hours max. Around 9 pm. Hit the gym. Eat. Run the pitbull. Check the mail. Shower..then I'm out. All over again.

I've done this same routine for two weeks...and I'm getting use to it. The lack of sleep is horrendous at work for 8 hours. I refuse to have dependency for coffee so I talk to keep awake. Thank god my boss, and good friend, is a dangerous power mover named Trigger who live his B Boy lifestyle perpendicular to my vocal. Every morning where in the same boat hoping to finally reach our island. We trade stories of the previous night and compete against who fulfilled potential to the 10th power.

Some people average spending close to 35-40% of their life sleeping. I'm finding an alternative because my dreams are not interesting enough anymore to keep me stable. So insomniacs unite! Stay focused with a chemical imbalance in your brain an d find a balance like me. Sleep is overrated. Even on weekend mornings.


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