Protoman x DJ Idee x Grandmaster Dee = Disaster

So very few know this story, well, because it's depressing and few people witnessed it. But, I
think it's funny so I'll share it. I even dug up some pics from this
monumental night courtesy of DJ Rob Riggs.

This must be about 3 years ago. The scene. Roxanne's. A short lived,
but famous, weekly Hip Hop night in Fort Lauderdale. I would perform
time to time. Nice spot. This particular night I somehow convinced DJ
Idee to come play with me. Mind you, this guy has traveled the world,
has won multiple titles, and has incredible clout amongst the worlds
top DJ's.

Either I tricked him or he was being nice that night. I can't remember.
Well, Grandmaster Dee is in town. If you do not know Dee, do your
homework of Whodini and the impact they had on the culture.

Well the night before our show at Roxannes there was a Rakim show down
the street. Mid-section of the show, I think either Rakim or Kid Cupri
(who was DJ'ing for Ra) invited Grandmaster Dee out on the stage. The
crowd went wild when Dee took the mic and starting chanting some famous
lines. He gave a speech and gave respect to everyone in the house. It
was a very pleasant and sober Dee.

Now we're at Roxanne's and it's fucking dead. I don't know what
happened with promotion. Maybe people were tired from the Ra show or
just didn't give a fuck. But hardly anyone came out. So the night was
already shitty. I felt bad for Idee, and selfish, and all my
over-thinking I do and was bummed. Then it begins. Dee comes strolling
in by himself and he is lit!! Here's a pic of when Dee got to talk to
Idee and me before the show.

Idee and myself became trapped in a drunken slur. We couldn't
understand what he was saying most of the time. He kept holding us,
literally, by the necks like a drunk would and would not let us leave.
We have tremendous respect for this guy. He, and Whodine, have opened
doors for us to do what we do. This was a very awkward moment and it
lasted a long time. I won't quote what he said, but he acted like we
were his therapist and it was very sad. I then realized Hip Hop is a
dirty game that leaves you robbed with no retirement.

Finally, it's our time to rock. There is maybe like 30 fucking people
there. I feel so bad dragging Idee out here i'm thinking. It's not like
we were getting paid for the show or anything. Anyways, I notice
Grandmaster Dee in the crowd. Ok nice. We keep performing, he comes up
front. Dope. Now I have a part of a song where the crowd can say the
line. I think they say, "Kill the Radio". It's a pretty easy concept to
follow. Every time they would chant it, I would hold the mic to a
persons face. People love that. They get to be heard. Well mid-song,
during the chant, the mic (in my hand) goes to Grandmaster Dee to say
the hook and this dude straight jacks it from me in one motion and
jumps on stage!!

O wow. Fuck it Idee. Let's play along.

Let the man say a few words. Cut the beat. This is when it got ugly.
He must have thought he was at that Rakim show again. Tried to do the
same thing, but completely wasted. He had no proper introduction from
me, so nobody knows who he is, and people start booing. It's gets ugly.
Like the bartender was about to come up and fight him. Here's some pics
from that. I know I'm smiling and laughing. I do that in times of

Now all of a sudden, Out of nowhere. Like Snoop Dogg's cameo in "Half
Baked" up pops the infamous Danny G. And he's holding a mic!! I didn't
even know he got a mic, or who gave him one. But i'm standing there
without one. Now Danny is trying to explain how much of a legend this
guy is but nobody cares at this point. The damage is done. It's gets
awkward man. I'm looking at Idee like, "What should we do?". I go by
him and whisper, "Just run the next track, I'll steal back the mic." So
this is when it's gets funny cause the next track is "One, two" off the
"Grey Area" LP. Anybody who knows that track knows the first verse is
very battle oriented. So I grab the mic back and reload. Dee stays on
the stage. At this point I was just want to finish, go home, and cry
myself to sleep. I start to rap while he acts like my hypeman. Like I'm
rapping to him. He's looking at me. But this rhyme is like, "Fuck you" and very abusive.
So it came off like I really meant it!! and then he realized shit was
on. He's trying to get the mic back now to rap back!! Fuck man. I don't
remember what happened after. I'm sure we just ended it right there. I
told Idee I was sorry and I know why DJ's deep down inside, all of
them, secretly hate rappers.

Anyways, I think this is a special story and wanted to share.


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