A new fad that downsouth that makes me laugh..

I call them ''car holes''! Here's the deal, back in the 60's, Buick, was running shit. They had ill ass designers and were constantly defying cutting edge. They came out with these ''car hole'' things on a few models and it looked good for it's time. Ok, Fast forward 45 years, Buick says to them selves, ''Out cars ain't selling shit. Lets remake ideas that once were hot to gain interest in our crappy brand new product.'' The product being a car. So they did. The new Buick's look alright, w/e. But..that's just the beginning.

Now you can buy these ''car holes'' as an accessory for ANY car! All you do is stick em on. Do they look good? no. I took the following picture of a Nissan Altima that was equipped with em!! Totally stock except for thr ''car holes'' it made me crack up. The other day I seen a brand new 7 series BMW..repainted this awful candy green with them..why..why.. ruin such a nice car that was meant to stay stock.

Anyways, if you do put ''car holes'' on your whip..please make sure your shit is least domestic and know the history behind them. More pics to come as I see them.


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