List of all the jobs I've had thusfar..

1. Skate Shop
2. Smoothie King
3. Painter/Remodeling
4. Car Wash
5. Radio Shack
6. Ecko Retail
7. Two Pizza Spots
8. Whole Foods
9. Ice Cream Shop
10. Pest Control
11. Escort Driver (don't wanna know..)
12. Home Alarm Installer
13. Production Artist for graphics
14. FAO Schwartz inbound catalog phone job
15. Phone job _ people call in those "how am I driving stickers". Yea I would pick up.
16. PF Changs Food runner
17. Grease fan cleaner
18. Mailroom
19. Solicitor for Spa Packages
20. Mover of new furniture to homes
21. Warehouse for musical books for schools
22. Drug Dealer, only weed though
23. Window Washer.

I know I'm forgetting some. Ill edit this if they come to mind. Keep in mind some of these I quit after one day. Anyways post all the jobs you've had!!


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