I'm a prankster..

..so I love to pull pranks on people, big or small..don't matter as long as I get a laugh and get to sneak around. My latest one was about 30. min ago. I have this fucking dope ''flying saucer'' remote control toy. It's a flying disc about a foot in diameter that goes up about 100 or more feet in the air with bright lights. Fun toy. So I have the saucer out in the field (part of a park) that's across from my boys house. My boy and me live in a weird neighborhood, we ain't really in the ghetto but still have countless bums and crack heads passing through from downtown to the beach. Anyway, I get dressed up in a big long trench coat, jeans, boots, and a wrapped up shawl to hide my face...oh yea I also have a machete in hand. I know my boy and his girl are about to leave to go cop some weed and their car is parked right next to the field. So I make my mark and out the saucer in the air as their walking out hiding the remote. They see the saucer and don't even notice me since all their attention is diverted to the crazy light in the air. As soon as their about to walk over for a closer look I let go of the remote and let it fall to ground...that's when I emerge holding from the shadows in the field with the machete-walking with a limp. I walk slowly as their still a good 100 feet away and yell with a country accent, ''DON'T YOU TOUCH MY FLYING SAUCER!!!''. I now turn my back to them and proceed to fly the UFO again, I let it fall after a few seconds (their still standing there..but slowly backing up to the car like ''wtf?'') then I shout again. haha I do this like 3 more times until they finally get in the car. Then I start to walk over slowly to the car with the machete.. and they dip!!!! BUT, as they drive away they notice a guy walking down the street towards me and they tell him, ''Watch out! There's some dude with a knife..I think he's on PCP or something!'' I immediately shed the serial killer armor and approach the man and let him know I'm just messing with my friends. He can honestly care less.

Fast forward a few minutes later to when I'm back home cooling off from all the layers previously worn amongst the Florida humidity-I'm ready to continue the prank. I call my boy who I just freaked out and told him that there is mad cops, ambulances, and firetrucks by his house. I said some crazy dude slashed a dude's hand off walking his dog. My friend is flipping out!! He's telling me the story of what he encountered and its fucking hilarious! I tell him not to come home..go watch a movie and let things cool down for a while. He agrees, I tell him MAKE SURE you call me before you come home to fill you in. Guess who's gonna be dressing up again waiting on the side of his house when he let's me know he's coming home asking if he seen my flying saucer??? haha

stay tuned..


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