Free crap

It breaks my heart everyday seeing full albums for free download on blogs. Artist are so convinced nobody buys music. You work so hard, invest time + money + sweat + tears for a release that vanishes with a a site update. Is music this disposable now in days and worthless? I see it from both sides. But people must not have real fans that support. It's a conundrum. I understand if your a hobbyist and do-it for the love. That's dope if you want to leak that. I understand. But an artist trying to make it, give stuff out for free, and advance what? Where is your income going to come from? shows? It's a catch-22. Build your own imprint and people that support. Don't sell yourself short, you're saying free still ain't good enough? You can't make money off music video's. Leak those. Leak mix-tape tracks and throw-a-ways. Press that CD/vinyl up for your own good. And if somebody thinks your dope. That your music is good. You tell them it's X amount to cop it. If they don't, your doing something wrong.


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