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Dade County and Broward County collaborate on this one. E.R. (of the Vagabonds) supplies the beat as Protoman supplies the vocals. You might know Protoman as being an underground staple in not only Broward and South Florida's hip-hop scenes, but also nationally as he's been well received around the country and also on many hip-hop blogs across the board.

Promotman's politically incorrect attitude and his "I don't give a f*ck" flow - definitely is refreshing to hear. When you need a break from listening to raps about bottle poppin' and club hoppin' - Protoman is always there to fill that void.

Protoman calls upon the assistance of Miami based producer E.R. from the group The Vagabonds. The song is called "Crazy" and according to E.R., the track is based of being "based on an inside look of a man who's been driven wild by a woman."

The production on the track is very upbeat and up-tempo. Very funky and very different from most of the stuff Protoman has jumped on recently. E.R. is definitely setting himself up to be a producer to watch for. The crisply drums mixed with a driving bass and a set of horn samples with incredible personality.

As far as the track, well, Protoman definitely goes in. Whatever you can imagine the perfect love song that ever existed sounds like...well, this is pretty much the complete opposite of that. And for this specific instance, it works. Its like a love story gone wrong. Terribly wrong.

Listen to the song below and follow along.

MP3: Protoman - Crazy (Produced by E.R.)


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