Back in the Swamp

it's been nearly four months since I been back and it's bittersweet but comfortable in the familiar territory of South Florida. I cleared my head big time and got to think over alot of things while away, I feel I'm back to normal. But my "normal" has always been fucked but it's still pleasant in my own kind of sick way. Alot of people thought I went to California to push music and try to breakthru there. In reality it was the total opposite. I went out there to get away. I didn't want to make it a statement, it's not that serious, but it's the truth.

I got to a point with music where I wanted to quit. It just wasn't fun anymore. I had no drive left and really didn't have that spark anymore. I was content with walking away. I'm not going to complain about why I felt this way. I just did.

I'm hate to admit it but it wasn't me, it was my surroundings. It was here. I needed a change and I got it. I have it all.

I been away thinking. Writing. Not writing raps, but ideas, plans, and ways to change everything. I read alot. Kept away from TV. Away from other people. Other influences. I explored my own brain and fixed all the dead ends and burnt bridges.

Now I am so antsy to make music now. It's been boiling under my skin like hatching insect eggs these past few weeks. I have a direction. I have a rough draft. I have something I haven't had in a long time. A purpose.

Thanks to everyone for holding me down. You know you are. Thank you.

Great minds discuss ideas;
Average minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss people.
-Eleanor Roosevelt


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